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Instalation from Github

Version from Github differs from compiled one.

This is because it's must contains some files unpacked (to allow commiting it).
If You want to test the latest version from Git, You need to make a two steps:

Download sourcess:

https://github.com/seigba/altego.cms.git or Direct download

and configure a database conection data in application/ config/ development/ database.php. Some options are protected and system will show up an error message if You set wrong values.

Before You start

You need to setup a config files from the below:


  1. $config['base_url'] - set a full path to Your project, if local server won't recognize it,
  2. $config['encryption_key'] - type any string to encryption,
  3. $config['sess_save_path'] - type absolute path if server can't find location (the problem might appear on production version).

application/config/development/database.php - just configure Your local DB settings.


  1. $config ['google_api_key'] - enter Your Google API configuration key, and configure it in console to allows system of using Google MAPS plugin. If any error - then system will stop map display.

Run instalation

When You allready configured Altego.CMS then You can delete file install.txt in main root if You want to run a "instalation wizzard". After You type any url - system should redirect You to mini instalation wizzard. It's has few steps. All You need is just clicking next button.

You can also work on "published" version - but You need to create a database with entries (from the link below). Then do not remove a install.txt file.