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Developers guide

This site describes the basic working layers of your system.
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This project exists on Github and all issues and changes are described there.

Before you start working with Altego.CMS, you need to know how it is built.

Basically the fundamentals are from PHP7 and CodeIgniter framework. You need to know good these two things before You start work.

CMS also strongly requires a knowledge of CSS Bootstrap in version 4. However the last released version is alpha and it shouldn't be used in production version, we believe it's won't change a lot in latest version.

Programming patterns

Altego is written in HMVC pattern (overwritten part of CodeIgniter's core). It's means the every part of the system is in seperate folder. Each module should be able to work alone for example after exporting module user to another project it supouse to work.

Recommended coding conventions are the some like a CodeIgniter's. If You want know all details, check this website.

System construction

Application extends CodeIgniter core but also includes a lot's of own classes and helpers.

The most important thing is that the app splits to two parts Front and Admin (and the HMVC pattern rule).

Each one has a different style (theme) and some restrictions of course.

You must also remember that the every view must be compatible with Bootstrap 4 requirements!

More information You'll find in a chapter "system construction".

Full package list of Altego's core:

From the back-end system - mostly is built from the own code but for the front we trusted the best solutions from the table below.

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Instalation from Github
Instalation from Github

Version from Github differs from compiled one.

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The language module is very powerful tool with many features.

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Altego has a possibility to extend core functions by building own plugins.

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System info
Latest version
BETA 3.0.1
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